Having a baby with your significant other, and not being married

Hello everyone, today I’m going to give you a run down of my personal experience has been with having our Ethan, but not being married. So first off, me and Jordan got together November 2nd, 2015. So we’ve been together 3 years now, and everything was good, we barely argued, barely fought, but when Ethan was born, that all changed. Here lately it’s been a whirlwind of fights, and arguments, and annoyance, and it’s really stressful and it’s completely disappointing. It’s not disappointing because we’re fighting to break up, but it’s disappointing because we’re not on the same page with parenting, and I’d like to be. It’s definitely a struggle, finding what works for him and not for me but what works for me and not for him, Ethan has his own preferences and sometimes those change depending on the person that has him.

So let’s talk about that, eh? So this is where it gets tricky, if you’re a new mom and your SO and you are having some trouble, I challenge you to sit down with him/her and find your middle piece. The sweet spot in your relationship and parenting, and write it all out. Seriously. Writing everything out on paper to where it’s visible what’s wrong and going on, you might see a pattern from someone and be able to fix it before it becomes an actual issue. Our goals as parents is to make the most comfortable, stress-free, and loving environment for our babies as possible. So go ahead, sit down, talk, write it out, and fix yourselves so your baby can know happiness all around, and don’t worry, it’ll help you a LOT! They’ll sleep better, be calmer, and overall happier than they are when it’s a stressful environment.

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December 9, 2018

It’s really hard to believe that Christmas is almost here, and I haven’t bought a single present. We have our tree up, our lights on, and I’m ready to be making cookies for Santa.

On that note, today was eventful (okay not really). We had a pregnancy scare (I still haven’t started my TOTM), and it was a whirlwind of arguing and shopping for a test, considering our friendly Walmart never carries what we need. Alas, we found a test, and were in the clear, however, Ethan seems to be node clingy and needy today, and I’m beginning to think he’s getting sick (happy holidays, everyone!), which sucks because I hate taking a sick baby places where other children may be present (everywhere).

Right now, I’m feeding Ethan, we just watched Mowgli (Which is now on Netflix, you’re welcome!), and Jordan has fallen asleep, Ethan’s falling asleep while eating, and the house is really quiet. Time to get my Christmas cleaning and lists in order. What about you guys? What are on your to-do lists for Christmas? Any special traditions? Let me know, we might share something in common for the holidays. 😉 Also, comment and let me know your interests, your dislikes, and any ideas 💡you may have for me to write about. Ask anything you want, I’ve got nothing to hide. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list, and get super cool offers and exclusives. Happy holidays! 😉

New Mama Chronicles

Hello again! This will be my first “official” posting, HURRAY!

So, to start off, my Ethan was born on August 22st, 2018. His due date was August 18th, and I was induced on the 21st. He was born at 1:02 AM, I was in labor for almost 11 hours. When he came out, I was totally oblivious to the pain, or anything that he happened the previous 11 hours before. He was perfect, and he came out sucking his thumb!

Now, bringing him home wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. I was 18, oblivious to how a newborn worked, sleep deprived, hungry ALL THE TIME, and I felt gross because I used to take a shower every day, and now I take one every other day. But, that didn’t bring me down. I was terrified, yes, and sad, more sad than I think I’ve ever been. It wasn’t because I was a mom, no, and it wasn’t because I’m never alone anymore. It was because he was now outside of me, he wasn’t all bundled inside of me, safe from this terrifying world. Every day, I hear a new, sad, scary story of someone harming their, or someone else’s baby. It’s terrifying. But it’s beautiful, too. He was beautiful. He was crying, and looking around, and when they laid him on my chest, he calmed down, and he just laid there, breathing, and moving, and I was loving him, so much.

To all those new moms, or moms expecting. You are brave, you are going to be okay. It might seem scary at first, and it might be sad at first, but looking at your baby, seeing him grow, it’s magical. It’s amazing, and it will keep you going. It will show you a love, you’d never known before, and it will be mysterious, and seem crazy, and it will throw your emotions for a run, but it will be so worth it. So to all you mamas, YOU GOT THIS.

About Me!

Hello! My name is Holly, I am 18 years old. My birthday is August 1st, 2000. I am a mommy to an amazing 3 month old baby boy, Ethan, whose birthday is August 22nd, 2018. My boyfriend, and his father’s, name is Jordan. He is 19 years old and his birthday is January 6th, 1999. Meet us!

So now that you know birthdays and all that, let’s get down to interests / hobbies. I love to read, write, sing and watch Netflix. Food is good too! Jordan’s loves his video games, he loves his Lexus, and he loves to eat too, (which is convenient for me). Ethan, well, he loves being tickled on his sides, he loves car rides, and he has a little piano play mat at his grandmas that he just adores

Now that you know a little more about us, how about you tell us about yourselves? Let us get to know you guys too!

Okay, down to business. I am here, writing to you guys about my little family, because you’ll get to view in and follow our lives a little bit, which means you’ll get to know us a lot better! From our daily activities, to updates on Ethan, to memorable moments shared with all of you! Along with an insight to our day to day lives, i’ll be here to help out any young woman expecting, new to being a mom, on her own, engaged, anything. I’m here for YOU! Whether it be tips, advice, on-the-phone talking, or other, let me know if you need anything and i’ll be there. 

Thank you so much for reading in, and I hope you guys stick with us as I write more! Have a good day!